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Streamlined Solutions

Silent Partner is a top-of-the-line gaming management software to simplify and expedite your logistic approach. Our improved user experience and brand new interface allows for quicker posting, reports, service calls, and tracking, all in one place! amsuement route management

Key Features

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Ease Of Use

The all new graphic user interface combined with software that was designed for your industry gives you instant access to every facet of your business.


Displays payout ratio. Easy to edit and keep track of non-cash payment (Credit Card, Player Account, Mobile Payments, etc.) Ability to e-mail receipts to locations.

Extensive Reports

All reports in one place! Silent Partner includes uniform front-end screens for all reports, allowing you to select the time period, the machines, and the locations to be used in your report.

Service Calls

Send text messages to technicians and have the ability to e-mail service calls to service technicians on the go.

Mobile Application: Coming Soon!

You will no longer be tethered to a desktop monitor. Our mobile application will allow you to manage all of your machines on the go!

Track and Manage Collections

Record collection information for machines currently in the location and those moved out recently, add machines to a location as needed, and much more – all done on the same screen!

Module Capabilities and Solutions

A Seamless User Interface

With an updated layout and user experience, we have strived to put the user first in order to achieve the most successful iteration of our software possible.
Highlighting the most commonly used aspects of our software, we have pulled individual modules to the user dashboard for a more immidiate and direct interaction. You can now view open service call tickets, missed tickets, profit reports, and location reports all from your dashboard.

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Streamlined Reporting

Confidently post and return to your reports with our enhanced process. Create location, machine, redemption, collection, service call, vehicle, parts, and miscellaneous reports straight from the dashboard navigation. Once a report is created, you then have the option to save the data to your library, based on your custom needs, for future tracking and retrieval. This allows you to tailor your reports and pull them directly from an aggregated source for a quicker, more direct experience.

Hosted Database

Silent Partner seeks to provide the highest customized electronic gaming management experience possible to our users. This is why we are one of the only companies in our field to administer the option for you to host your own data or to have us host that data for you on our secure servers. We realize that all of our users have their own unique approach and level of understanding to handling their data and information; This is an aspect that we would like to cater to for each and every individual, allowing for a more comfortable and explicit process.

Supported Mobile Use

Coming Soon!
We are currently developing our updated, mobile version of the software and will be pushing out all desktop capabilities to the palm of your hand. You will now be able to create reports, view postings, move machines, schedule service calls, print receipts, and much more while on-the-go! All of thee capabilities will be supported by both iOS and android products.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Here at Silent Partner, we value what our clients have to say. We strive to be proactive with any provided feedback; because of this, the users are the reason we are here today. Take a look at what a few of our clients have to say about us!

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Salise Celestin

Game Time Enterprises, LLC.

Fort Myers, FL

I started working in the Amusement Vending industry a little over 2 years now and having a software like Mercury could not have made it easier. From day 1 it made my job very easy, from its simple and familiar layout to the data entry everything was a breeze. There is always someone I can reach when I run into an issue and I know they will respond. Not to mention they have worked so hard to update the software to be one step ahead of any foreseeable bugs, and they continue to do so. This software does everything for you, just pop in your data and Mercury will aggregate it from Routes to Reports at a fingertip.

Christy McConnell Desjardins

The New Vemco Music Co.

Fayetteville, NC

Past, Present & Future!

Vemco Music has used Silent Partner for 20 years. It has always provided us with critical software and it continues to furnish cutting edge software that allows immediate access to reports, managing collections, and posting tickets. Silent Partner has set the precedence for our industries software and has shown that without a doubt that it will excel with superiority well into the future.

David Geddie

S & M Amusements

Garland, TX

Mercury is a well thought out, fast and easy program to use. I have used several other route collection software packages in the past and they have all paled in comparison. Mercury's reporting is outstanding and responsive. The support team is knowledgeable, friendly and quick to assist. In short, you get exactly what you need from the program and team. I can't say enough good things and have become a loyal customer.

Tony Spear

Accel Entertainment

Lemont, IL

We are very happy with the Mercury collection software. It is a breeze to use and the Mercury team is professional and informative.
2 Thumbs up!

J.C. Solomon

ACE Amusements

W Palm Beach, FL

As you know Jimmy we’ve used Coin Connection and the old Silent Partner in the past and can honestly recommend the new cloud based version over them both. We especially like being able to use our cell phones in place of the handhelds, and have the ability and security to change commissions and minimums while the collector is at the location, this makes for a more accurate and customized collection. When we do have issues or special circumstances you are always available to customize a solution or fix a bug.